On April 28, 2015, A ferry boat was traveling from Palma de Majorca to Valencia when a fire on board started, cause the boat to go up in flames and smoke. The ferry on that day had about 160 passengers. When the boat was about 17 miles off the islands of Majorca, the fire started and rescue operation got under way. With this conflict, the Spanish coastguard sent a ship and helicoper to the burning boat. Out of all 160 passengers, 152 were safely moved from the flames, and even 2 passengers were asked to help and aid in beating the fire. Spanish coastgaurd members found that the fire broke out on the port side of the ferry, but was unable to find what originally caused the fire. Because of the fire, they decided to leave the boat there and stated that it could even sink in its current position. I found it surprising that most of the stories I have done for my blogs have been about things that have devastated or have been simple human error. These stories are horever interesting to me, learning about anothe culture over all.

The Telegraph:



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  1. Hola Sarah:
    Gracias por escribir sobre este tema. Thanks God, the crew members were able to be saved and nobody has been seriously hurt.


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