The Gold Medal of Merit Awarded

On May 1st Rafael Nadal was awarded the Gold Merit for Merit in Work. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy handed Nadal the award at the Moncloa Palace in a ceremony held in the tennis player’s honor. Rafael Nadal is one of the biggest tennis players in the nation and one I love to watch! He is a spanish player who took over the tennis world a few years back. I have been playing tennis sense I was a young age cause it’s a big family sport. I always pay attention to the big championships through the year that happen in the sport, so this story caught my attention.

The award honors players hard work in their sport and just daily life. It’s a great achievement for an athlete for the hard work they put in day in and day out to be recognized and then displayed in a national way.  He was humbled and honored to be able to receive this award.  As an athlete myself I understand how sometimes your hard work seems to go unnoticed. HIs work was placed under the spotlight fueling his drive in the sport.  Allowing him to continue to write new goals and strive to reach them with the same enthusiasm. He also is recovering from a recent injury and has been working to gain his stability back and get back to his regular play. This injury pushed back the Merit ceremony that was suppose to occur in November to May. Now is a time of many of highs and lows right now so the award couldn’t have come at a better time! He has been awarded for a job well done and hard work paying off.  This is the exact words you want to hear as you wake up for rehab everyday.

The award couldn’t have been awarded to a harder worker at this time.  Being an athlete it’s great to hear about all the practices being recognized by the public.  I’m glad I was able to read and learn more about the Spanish award.  It makes it even more interesting when it’s awarded to an athlete I have seen play and watched growing up. He has been a small role model in my life in the aspect of sports and my drive. I am ecstatic that Nadal won the award and that there is an award for athletes’ hard work.

Margaret Howison


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  1. Hola Maggie:
    I also think that Rafa Nadal is the perfect example of who should be receiving this award. He is such a talented athlete and humble individual. I have always admired his sportsmanship and especially his fierce determination to play every single ball in a match. He is my favorite tennis player and I am very thankful that he got to receive this distinction.


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