Spain ferry passengers rescued from fire on-board

A ferry with about 160 people on board was evacuated off the coast of Majorca on Tuesday April 28 after a fire started. The Sorrento, the ferry, had a maximum capacity of 150 vehicles and 954 passengers and is now sunk where it caught fire. It was about 17 miles off the island when the fire broke out around 1.50pm. Thankfully everyone was rescued to safety via. the coastguard and other vessels nearby. The fire apparently broke out on the port side of the ferry, but there was no conformation on what had initially caused the fire. Initially the captain of the Sorrento had not considered it necessary to evacuate the passengers, until it became clear that the fire was uncontrollable. Surprisingly enough the only casualties were four crewmembers suffering from the effects of inhaling smoke. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.

To me this would be a scary situation, for anybody. If I were ever on a boat or ferry I would start panicking. Thankfully, no one on the ferry panicked and everyone got off safely. I believe that the situation could have been a lot worse than what it turned out to be. The crew of the Sorrento did a beautiful job handling the situation.


By Mallory Trainer


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  1. Hola Mallory:
    Muchas gracias por escribir sobre el desastre del ferry. Luckily, the captain and his officers acted on time and nobody was seriously injured.


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